Our wardrobes have a wide choice of styles and sizes to help you get what’s best for you, your clothes and your space. Many come with interior fittings like clothes rails or shelves included. You can even design your own Wardrobe in different sizes, styles and fittings to suit your personal requirements.

We offer the FULL package – A complete design, manufacture and installation services for Wardrobes. We have a huge range of finishes and accessories available for you to choose from, making your design bespoke to your requirements. Your wardrobe is a personal choice and we encourage customer involvement at every stage of planning. Quality and attention to detail are major factors in each project we undertake and these are reinforced by our guarantee on parts and workmanship. With careful planning and design and our many years of experience, your wardrobe will enhance the value of your home, reflecting the style and personality. Come and talk to us; we offer a simple yet practical solution to your personal wardrobe and storage problems, providing quality at an affordable price !

When you are deciding for making best selection for your wardrobes, you need to see all the types that are available to you. There are some factors which include costs, space available in the wardrobe and the designs which should not be overlooked while you are choosing the appropriate wardrobe for your needs. Let’s look at all the available types so that we can get idea about their designs and their styles.

Tips for Wardrobe Design:
1) Take complete measurements. Make sure you are aware of the ceiling height and other essentials before you start construction.
2) Take a hard look at what you would want your wardrobe to look like. Will it have a lot of shelves, racks or just doors to separate two compartments? Will it have hooks for robes and bags or plain shelves? Will it be a combination of two colors or not etc.
3) Make room for shelves that are at a height. You can store unworn or unused items there for future use.
4) Decide if the construction will be done by a professional or will you want to make it from scratch. Either way, give the workman enough time.